FAQ Brodilla e-mail

This is a one-time constantly available email inbox.  It is temporary, completely anonymous and doesn't require registration.

encrypted browser

For registration on suspicious sites and forums, anonymous correspondence, all kinds of lotteries and other services, where you would not want to enter your main e-mail.

- it does not require registration - there is simply no registration form;
- it is completely anonymous: personal data, address, IP and the messages are not saved;
- messages come to the box and are send instantly;
- e-mail is always available (exception - a closed account);
- e-mail is protected from spam, hacking, exploits.

Yes of course.  To do this, click Random and the system will give you another box.  Or write the login you need in the search bar.  Please note that each login on our service exists in several domains: @beba.icu, @fivemails.com, @ eyandex.ru, @5717.ru and @coolmail.fun.

All emails on our web site are public, that is, several people can be present and use any of them at the same time.  But if you need privacy, you can close the account.  While the account is closed, no one but you can receive and send letters from this e-mail.  The account can be closed for 7 days (1 week), the term can be extended as many times as you like.  Do not clear cookies - it is for them, we will recognize you and let you into the account.

 Any received letter is stored in the box until the user deletes it.  If the letter has not been deleted for more than 6 hours, the system will delete it.
 If you use the closed account, the mail is not deleted until you delete it.  When opening an account for other users, all messages will be deleted automatically.

Our service does not generate mailing addresses for each user - all our mailboxes exist and work constantly.  And there are billions of them.

Click Compose and fill out the form to send the letter.

 We do not send emails to users, but in order to minimize fraud on behalf of our domains, the following logins are completely blocked:
 "admin", "webmaster", "root", "adm", "info", "inf", "no-reply", "web", "www", "infos", "manager", "master".
 The only exception is the official box of our project [email protected]

 Fake temp mail service Jooko is not responsible for the content of emails sent from our servers and domains.